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Stories this week include:

  • Man resorts to violence after listening to the Archers.
  • The homeless to be given reconditioned laptops to aid property search. 
  • Gang of pensioners in the picture for suspicious swan murders. 
  • Incomprehensible man believed to have normal sized hands.

Also revealed: We discuss the plays of Arthur Miller and something about Donald Trump...

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Stories this week include:

  • Supermarket forced to clarify that their 'Bag for Life' cannot resurrect the dead.
  • Woman outraged at 'vile' mannequin that can clearly be seen not wearing a watch. 
  • RSPCA investigate picture of smoking magpie just for something to do. 
  • Anonymous review of public toilet makes strange reference to 'sticky' facilities.

Also revealed: The derogatory comments about the suspected career choices of our listeners continue...

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Stories this week include:

  • Concerned shopper decides to 'water' frozen vegetables.
  • Goose shot dead in drive-by sparks nationwide manhunt. 
  • Extensive RSPCA investigation into cat murders reveals nothing of interest.
  • Ironically named charity shop discovered to be selling live hand grenade.

Also revealed: The Woodland Murder Detectives make an unwelcome return...

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Stories this week include:

  • Lonely bachelor living vicariously through cat manages to entice fox into grubby world.
  • Monkey with drink problem purchased by Eynsford based wildlife centre. 
  • Man carrying child in fancy dress spotted walking along westbound carriageway of M60.
  • Woman fails to identify brand of chicken and mushroom slice that led to vicious altercation.

Also revealed: Alex learns of the mystical town of Uttoxeter...

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Stories this week include:

  • Martin Clunes to star as the notorious Cat Ripper in six-part dramatisation.
  • Bovidae cash and carry opens in North Wales. 
  • Wildlife centre admits more animals appear to have escaped following audit.
  • Woman mistakes birdsong for multiple gun shots.

Also revealed: We immerse ourselves in the world of Geoffspresso...

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