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LAPodcast (Local Anaesthetic Podcast) - The Most Trusted Name in Local News

The most trusted name in local news: Local Anaesthetic is a podcast exploring strange and funny local stories from across the UK (and occasionally the world...) including listener submitted contributions.
Listeners can submit stories via FacebookTwitter or e-mail:

Apr 8, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • QAnon-promoting Scientologist lands Farage for new 'legitimate' business venture.
  • Police celebrating delectable drug haul crushed by shock discovery.
  • Fly-tipping of used sex dolls threatens to overwhelm local police force.
  • Body shop manager greases up former employee and aims...

Mar 23, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • Fast food chain denies cult workshop devoted to clown-faced deity.
  • Infamous Anus Society minibus spotted by shopper.
  • Man found naked in car park after fateful trip to buy wet wipes.
  • QAnon supporter treated to all expenses paid trip to the ol' 'Grey Bars Hotel'.

Alex mourns the passing of...

Mar 7, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • Lawyer's underwear catches fire during court appearance.
  • Borrower offered coronavirus jab following admin error.
  • Local idiot fakes own kidnapping to avoid work.
  • Giant telepathic alien mantis finally agrees to sits for dog food factory worker's portrait.

We discuss the cost of a hand shandy...

Feb 12, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • World's richest person unable to beat monkey at FIFA.
  • Asda steps up delivery game by purchasing second hand ambulances.
  • Tourist photographs Uranus in layby.
  • Texas showcases haunted doll emergency alert system.

Alex gives himself a haircut...apparently.


Jan 24, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • Suspicious potato launches full-scale police investigation.
  • Grandmother, 80, pleads with authorities to grant 35-year-old Egyptian lover leave to enter.
  • Passengers claim to have spotted the mysterious airport hermit.
  • Woman fined after failing to get husband microchipped.

Alex has a 'topical'...