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Local Anaesthetic Podcast (LAPodcast)

The most trusted name in local news: Local Anaesthetic is a podcast exploring strange and funny local stories from across the UK (and occasionally the world...) including listener submitted contributions.
Listeners can submit stories via FacebookTwitter or e-mail:

Aug 23, 2017

Stories this week include:

  • Luddite uses petrol station.
  • Possessed charity shop doll scapegoated for infidelity.
  • Guinea pig 'deposited' in shopping centre bathroom. 
  • Novelist and former landlord uses national newspaper to boast of her numerous achievements. 

Also revealed: Alex’s powers appear to be failing...

Aug 4, 2017

Stories this week include:

  • Forcible trout delivery destroys man's letterbox.
  • Community group left bewildered after malicious attack.
  • Charitable stranger donates untreated fox fur coat to shop. 
  • DVLA accused of cowardice after backing out of trail by combat request. 

Also revealed: We try to source...