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Local Anaesthetic Podcast (LAPodcast)

Local Anaesthetic Podcast (LAPodcast) has been covering weird, strange and funny local news stories from around the world including listener submitted contributions since 2012. 

Listeners can submit stories via FacebookTwitter or e-mail:

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Dec 24, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • Bean-lover Captain Beany celebrates Christmas.
  • Jesus / Spiderman found inside tangerine.
  • Curtain falls on Croydon Cat Killer saga.
  • Town enraged by beloved jacket potato stall threatened with closure.

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas! Keep safe!

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Dec 13, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • Gloucestershire man 'slipped' and 'fell' on WWII mortar.
  • Woman breastfeeds hairless cat on domestic flight.
  • Mobility scooter driver causes traffic jam in chippy stand-off.

We learn about Alex's motoring skills...

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Nov 30, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • Investigative journalism hits new low in Exeter.
  • Big Bird unmasked as puppet of the state.
  • Hired tank crashes into war memorial during Remembrance Sunday.
  • Baffled resident spots moon-shaped UFO.

We launch our new feature 'Rob's Underground Movements'...

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Nov 12, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • President Joe Biden caught on camera by large naked Scottish man.
  • Fan collecting single chip from every Wetherspoons pub in UK.
  • Former socialite finds prison conditions challenging.
  • Bakery forced to close over illegal sprinkles.

We address the penguin in the room...

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Oct 31, 2021

Stories this week include:

  • Latest YouGov survey finds 3% of Americans are attention-seeking liars.
  • Woman who breastfeeds boyfriend during foreplay states 'it's not weird'.
  • Driver stopped by police for hold instrument with both hands.
  • Draconian school dress code finally updated to allow for Satanists. 

We read some...